What is a Boutique Hotel

The first boutique hotels are found in America and London in early 1980. The term mainly began to appear in London, New York and San Francisco. This is a way for this kind of hotels to describe the luxury and exceptional environment of them.
The term has spread throughout the world. They are usually small hotels with a small number of rooms in traditional buildings.
The hoteliers are focused on the quality and not on quantity. The differentiation of the rooms and the central area is part of the term.
The goal of a boutique hotel is the level of personal contact and service requirement which is not feasible in a large and impersonal hotel.

Boutique hotels’ staff know the customer by his name which gives comfort and intimacy
Customers are happy and feel like home. For this reason boutique hotels nowadays are preferred by people who travel frequently, and are in need of a warm and cozy place, to welcome them away from their home and for the lovers of the unique.

These are the main reasons that contribute to the term boutique hotel and make the customers of these hotels to want to return or to consider it worthwhile to discuss it with a friend.